Dove Ties - Light It Up

REVIEW – Dove Ties – Light It Up

Introducing Dove Ties – a British duo formed officially during 2021’s lockdown period after having worked together on numerous projects since 2019. Formed of Patrick Jordan and Donna Marie, the duo features a pair of multi-talented …

Celine Ellis - Without Me

REVIEW – Celine Ellis – Without Me

Celine Ellis is perhaps one of my favourite discoveries of the year. As kind and gracious as her voice is beautiful, Celine’s captivating, soulful performances have listeners hooked from the start. Effortlessly blending country and …

Lawrence Maxwell - Better You

REVIEW – Lawrence Maxwell – Better You

When travel and performance prospects were looking slim, Prince Edward Island singer-songwriters, Lawrence Maxwell and Ben Chase saw an opportunity to write. After two co-writing sessions in Cornwall, P.E.I., the country musicians penned Better You.  …