FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

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Welcome to 3C’s frequently asked questions.


How do I submit music for review?

To submit your music for review, please send your music and press releases to hello(@)threechordscountry.net. It is helpful to include your artwork, release dates, bio/artist info and social media handles. You can submit music in any audio format, but wav/mp3 are preferred. You can send a soundcloud link, upload to a cloud server or attach directly to the email. Check out our ‘how-to’ guide for more information on how to pitch your music!


What can I submit?

We review singles and EPs. At this time we are NOT reviewing full-length albums due to the time commitment required.


How do I get my music added to Three Chords playlists on Spotify?

If you’re looking to have your music added to our playlists, just let us know! We release new playlists each week so there are always new playlists being curated behind the scenes. Once our playlists are released, they remain unchanged, so you won’t be added to anything already published on the site – but we revisit themes regularly and build ‘best of’ playlists when we do (these ‘best of’ playlists are updated with new tracks whenever we publish revisited themes).


How do I suggest a theme or some songs for a playlist?

If you have a theme suggestion, you can let us know here! You’re also welcome to suggest some songs for the theme too, whether they’re your own songs or just some of your favourites.  We love lyrical themes (songs about XYZ), titular themes (songs with XYZ in the title) or a theme surrounding a particular vibe, subgenre or feeling. If you have a suggestion that fits into any other category, we’ll welcome those with open arms, too!


Why might my music not be reviewed?

Sometimes, your music might not suit our blog (we focus on country music and extend to some folk and Americana). Other times, it might be that we’ve reviewed a LOT of music similar to yours very recently. We don’t want to do a half-baked job on your music, and we don’t want it to get lost amongst 50 other reviews of similar songs.  It doesn’t mean we’re not interested!  You’re more than welcome to come back to us with your next release, or if you release something a little bit different later on.


You might also find that we can’t review right away, but can offer a review a few weeks later. We receive 15+ submissions a week and trying to plan posts so that reviews come out in time for release day means that our schedule fills up fast!  The best way to avoid this delay is to submit your music as early as you can.


If you have any further questions not answered on this list, please contact us!