Help From My Friends – Songwriting Challenge

Three unique songwriters – three new songs – one set of lyrics



Welcome to the ‘help from my friends’ songwriting challenge! This challenge will involve three artists writing three new songs – with a little help from their friends, of course!


The next round will take place on 10th April 2021!


Who’s taking part?

This time around, we’re thrilled to welcome Biddy Ronelle, Emma Moore and Charlotte Young!



Who are the friends, and where do they come in?

Hey, friends! It’s you! And it’s up to YOU to submit some lyrics for our songwriters! It doesn’t matter if you’re a songwriter yourself, or not.  It doesn’t even matter if you’ve used the lyric in something before, as long as you’re the one who wrote it!  When submissions open, send us your lyrics and we’ll add them to our collection.


When we close submissions, ALL the lyrics submitted will be given to each artist to use in a new song.  They will each have to write a brand-new song using the submissions in their original form (no rewriting allowed!) – but they will be allowed to add their own new lyrics too if they wish.


At the end of the songwriting period, all three artists will come together in a very special live-stream event to debut their new songs!



That sounds great! How do I take part?

Submissions are officially closed! Tune in on 10th April 2021 to see how Biddy Ronelle, Emma Moore and Charlotte Young use the submissions to write three new songs.