Kyle Elliott - WMYC

Regular followers will know that Kyle Elliott needs no introduction. But if you’re new here, sit tight.  World, meet Kyle.


Kyle Elliott was born and raised in Music City, Tennessee.  He first picked up the guitar at the age of 13 and has been making music ever since. While attending college at Middle Tennessee State, Elliott began writing songs for an alternative band where he was the rhythm guitar player. In November 2016 Elliott decided to write and perform as a solo act.


The rest, as they say, is history.


Kyle released his first single “Anymore” in April 2017. Since then, he has released four other singles, including the duet “Never Break” with Stephanie Nash, which has accumulated over 150,000 streams and has been played on radio stations around the world. Since early 2019 Elliott has been working on a continuity project that already included the songs “Sunrise” & “Love Hangover“. The full project is set to be finished and released by early 2021.


Between taking part in our first Help From My Friends challenge and releasing his next single (which we’ll be reviewing soon!), Kyle joined us for a round of #whatmadeyoucountry.



Country music is more than just a genre. For me, it’s the foundation of emotion. Any type of day that I am having or any mood that I am in, country music can match it, or solve it. There is no doubt in my mind that I would be a completely different person without country music.


If I had to guess the first country song I ever heard, it’s probably Randy Travis with 3 wooden crosses. That song is so deep and shows the true potential of a country song. It’s got a solid storyline with a sad yet amazingly optimistic message. Sadly my first country concert wasn’t until 2015… I know, I live in Nashville and it took me 22 years to actually see a concert! However, it was a great show. Chris Young opened for Brad Paisley.


The song that influenced me most is Long Black Train by Josh Turner. Hands down this song showed me my musical ability that not many others have, which is to sing low notes on great country tunes.


If I had to choose one country album to listen to for the next ten years – such a hard question. but I think I’m gonna cheat and say the Best of Garth Brooks. He just has way too many hits to choose one album. Plus you never get tired of them.



Stay tuned for our review of Kyle’s gorgeous new single next week! You can follow Kyle on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.