It’s time to shake up our weekly playlists!


We’ve had a fair few weekly playlists now, don’t you think it’s time to shake it up a little?  Have you ever wanted to listen to ALL of our summer playlists together? Or maybe a big collection of our favourite road-trip tunes?


INTRODUCING: the Three Chords ‘best of’ playlists!


Starting now, whenever we publish a playlist that fits into a wider category (road trips, summer, covers etc) you’ll be able to find them all on one big playlist, as well as the individual weekly lists.  What this means is that they’ll be updated when new playlists come out, so you could even follow them to keep up to date with our favourite tunes!  Our first one is live right now, and it’s our ‘best of: best of british’ playlist.  You can find and follow it right here!


Follow our playlists – and us – on Spotify.  Don’t forget, you can suggest your own playlist themes too!