Becky Lawrence - You Say

Today we’re bringing you a preview of Becky Lawrence’s upcoming single, You Say. The track is her debut as the sole lyricist, composer, and vocalist, and is not only a tribute to her loving partner but a reminder that we can all build people up with our kind words.  Becky is no stranger to sharing kindness, having started the Grateful Gang project earlier this year, and posting regular #attitudeofgratitude tweets on her own Twitter account.



You Say is a beautiful, mellow ballad with a gentle guitar introduction and soft, flowing instrumentation from producer and previous collaborator Antony Cull.  This song – not just a tribute to Lawrence’s partner but a celebration of kindness and healthy, safe relationships – is a real contrast to some of Becky’s earlier, more disco-inspired country anthems, and shows growth and maturity in both composition and lyricism, as well as boasting an absolutely stunning vocal performance.  For her first time out as sole writer and composer, Becky has absolutely nailed it.


“That evening, I reminisced about the kindness he has shown me, and the words of encouragement he has shared and continues to share […]  I’m so grateful to have enjoyed his companionship for the past few years. I hope that he is the one I spend the rest of my life with.”




You Say will be available to stream or download across all major digital platforms on July 27th, “Love Is Kind” day.  You can follow Becky on TwitterInstagram and Facebook, and you can also keep up with Grateful Gang on Instagram too.