Biddy Ronelle is a UK country-rock singer-songwriter.  Her debut EP was released in January to critical acclaim and at the end of July, she’s set to release Thrill.



Thrill opens with a bang – a big, full-band sound you could hear on the radio right away.  The production on this song is slick and really makes the most of Biddy’s unique, rich voice. Biddy’s sensational range is on full display in this song and her rock influences are evident.  The layered guitar brings the sass, whilst the piano adds a layer of vulnerability to the story of a woman giving in to her weakness. It’s a little reminiscent of 70s classic rock, a good dose of Aerosmith, and 90s giants like Faith, Martina and Shania. This is a song I truly can’t get enough of – it has a little bit of everything.


Thrill will be released on 31st July and is available to pre-order now.  Follow Biddy on FacebookInstagram and Twitter, or visit her website.