Demi Marriner - Because Of Her

On 31st July, Demi Marriner released Because Of Her.  It is the first of several releases from Demi’s forthcoming EP Tales. Each song in this project was recorded live in the room using just one microphone and some exceptional musicians giving a unique rawness and vulnerability, both sonically and lyrically. Because Of Her was recorded by The Samsara Collective in Worsley Court House, depicted in the artwork, and features Robbie Cavanagh (guitar) and Isabel Williamson (cello).


Because Of Her is a personification of mental health and the struggles that many people experience on a daily basis. Of the song, Demi says “she is the negative second version of yourself. An unwanted guest at every party. The worst thing you can always rely on. She is the thing that lives only in your mind, but has the ability to take over your entire body.”


Because Of Her is raw and hard-hitting, with Demi giving voice to the struggles so many of us live with. It’s the kind of song you could imagine was written just for you. It seeps into your bones before you even know what’s happening. The stripped-back production and mournful cello give it a rich emotional vulnerability and the single microphone offers a unique ambience to something you never knew had words.



In what has been a very turbulent and unexpected time for the music industry and the world, Demi Marriner made the difficult decision to postpone the release of her debut record, due this summer, until things are back in a safe position to tour and for an audience to receive the record in all of the ways in which it was intended.


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