Joe Martin - Heartbreak Cult


UK singer-songwriter Joe Martin is to release his brand new single Heartbreak Cult on Friday 31st of July. Heartbreak Cult comes as the first in a collection of songs Joe recorded at Limefield Studios at the beginning of 2020, with instrumental backing from the Chorlton Country Club. Joe’s lyrics tackle the frustrations felt towards an ex who would rather hide away than face the realities of a breakup.


On the story of Heartbreak Cult, Joe Martin explains:

“When I came to write the song, I just had the first line ‘she turned my vinyl into ashtrays but she don’t even smoke…’ I wondered what it could mean. It’s only when I thought of the line ‘heartbreak cult’ that the whole story of the song fell into place.

“The idea of breaking up with someone who really doesn’t take it well and does some crazy things. I think we can all relate to a situation like that, or know someone who has dealt with that. We’ve also probably all been tempted into the ‘cult of heartbreak’ at some point in our lives ”


Heartbreak Cult is one of those songs that instantly feels warm and comfortable, like the smell of flowers on a warm spring day – but there’s something not quite so friendly lurking underneath.  If you focus on just the music, it’s a warm breeze, but once you listen to the lyrics, there’s a storm coming.  The layers in this song are absolutely unbelievable. Martin has an observational storytelling style reminiscent of Ryan Adams, with pin-sharp imagery and heartstring-pulling emotion, all set to a soundtrack you could relax to in a beer garden.



HEARTBREAK CULT will be available to stream and download on all online platforms on 31st July 2020 and can be pre-saved here.  You can follow Joe Martin on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and visit his website to keep up to date with his latest music releases.