Joey Clarkson - Can I Have This Dance


Chart-topping Canadian country/pop singer-songwriter Joey Clarkson wrote this father-daughter dance song for her 2017 wedding. She has recorded it remotely from within COVID-19 quarantine to release as a surprise for her father’s birthday.

Clarkson was due to play a showcase in May 2020 for Cashbox Caravan, as part of Canadian Music Week in Toronto. Her father had planned to fly across the country to watch the gig before flying to London with her to spend time in her London home. Understandably, this trip – as well as Canada Music Week – was cancelled due to COVID-19, which triggered the songwriter’s decision to record the number remotely from lockdown.


This song actually premiered last Saturday in a zoom call between Joey and her father – and a handful of fans, friends and extended family! – for whom the recording and release of this single was a surprise. It had me in tears from the first few lines, so I can only imagine just how emotional it must be for Joey and her dad to hear this!


It opens with Clarkson describing her dad’s work ethic and love for his family. The story develops with childhood memories as Joey’s lilting delivery dances just the way you can imagine she did at her wedding. The anecdotes in the lyrics are full of special moments and memories, and Joey’s vocal is stunning – she really showcases her range of power and emotion in this song, switching effortlessly from a whisper to a near-belt and mastering everything in between; there’s not a single breath wasted.  This is the kind of storytelling that planted the very first seeds of county music, and Joey Clarkson has sown, nurtured and grown them into something incredibly special.



The track was recorded remotely, in line with lockdown regulations, and was mixed and mastered by Ryan John Griffiths from his home studio. Joey’s husband Peter – a serving member of the Royal Scot’s Guards – plays bass for the song. UK-based Country artist Mairead features as a backing vocalist, and Dan Edward – a serving member of the Countess of Wessex String Orchestra – recorded the cello line from the royal military music rooms.


Can I Have This Dance is available for pre-save now ahead of its release on all platforms on 26th June.  You can follow both Joey on Twitter @JoeyClarkson, Instagram @JoeyClarksonMusic and on Facebook at Joey Clarkson.