Kelsey Bovey - Not Scared Anymore


This EP showcases my outlook on life and wanted to prove that my past experiences don’t hold me back from being true to myself. I felt ‘Not Scared Anymore’ was the right way to represent this EP as it sums up the growth that I have experienced. If you’re looking for music to let your hair down to this is the one for you!”


This is a new, grown-up Kelsey Bovey.  From the moment I heard the hook in Magnetic – the lead single – I knew this would be something special.  Kelsey Bovey is a country-pop artist from the UK who aspires to make music that will empower the lives of young people.  She has been recognised for her potential and talent as both a songwriter and a vocalist – she is one of Duggystone Radio’s emerging artists to watch in 2020 and she has been nominated for three Fair Play Country Music Awards in the Netherlands.


Not Scared Anymore is a four-song EP, opening with Out Of Our Minds.  This is a song about falling in love wholly and completely.  The slick production from Puzzle Maker Studios is outstanding – Kelsey comes alive with a full band backing, and the intricacies of her songs begin to shine.  The ‘young adult falling in love’ emotions-laid-bare storytelling paired with a catchy melody screams early-era Taylor Swift but the musical complexity is much more mature.


Magnetic is by far my favourite on the EP and it’s easy to see why it was selected to be the lead single. I still stand by the message I sent to Rachel (Kelsey’s manager) when I first heard a snippet of it – it’s Kelsey’s best vocal performance yet.  Like the opening track, Magnetic tells the story of falling in love recklessly and spontaneously and being taken by surprise when you least expect it.  It’s catchy, it’s great fun to sing with the windows rolled down, and it saw Kelsey achieve her highest chart position yet.


Not Scared Anymore is the title track of the EP and whilst a departure from the first two love songs, this harkens back to Kelsey’s early songs about coming of age and getting to grips with life.  This is much more mellow than the first two and is a beautiful, uplifting message to a friend going through a tough time.  It’s a message we all need to hear sometimes, and Kelsey’s put it to music in one of the most beautiful ways.


The EP closes with Hold Tight Sit Still, and this is Kelsey’s revenge song.  This is Kelsey saying you did me dirty, but it won’t happen again.  She may have been shy when we first interviewed her back in April, but no more.  Kelsey Bovey is breaking out of her shell, standing up for herself and her talent, and we love to see it.


Kelsey released Magnetic back in May 202o.  It reached #2 in the UK Country iTunes single [#65 all-genre].  Pre-order this EP on iTunes and pre-save on Spotify.  You can follow Kelsey on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.