Louise Parker - Lie To Me


Today marks the release of Louise Parker’s new single, Lie To Me.  This is a breathtakingly honest new release and something a little different from her first single of the year – an upbeat collaboration with Canadian-British artist Joey Clarkson, which charted within the top 5 of the iTunes UK country chart.



Lie To Me is raw and rich.  It opens with a haunting acapella vocal before building into something desperately vulnerable with a full band backing.  This track showcases Louise’s extensive range and a heartbreakingly exposed side to her songwriting prowess.  Indecision and insecurity are at the heart of this story and that’s exactly what this song sounds like.  The piano is deep and mournful and the violin adds an extra layer of sorrow.  The addition of the electric guitar adds a little hope to the anguish, and with Louise’s voice soaring above it all, you can just believe that things will be alright.


“This song is a reminder that, like everyone else, sometimes all I need is to be told everything will be alright.”



Despite COVID-19 putting paid to Louise’s 2020 tour plans, she has had great success streaming online. As well as her popular regular, ‘Going Viral’ streams, Louise has performed streams for Modern Age Music, Country on the Coast, Live in the Living Room, BringCountry2UK and the Nexus Festival (raising funds for the Music Venues Trust).


Follow Louise on TwitterInstagram and Facebook; stream her music on SpotifyLie To Me is available to stream and download NOW on all platforms.