Motel Sundown is an Americana/Country band based in Liverpool, UK.  Their influences range from Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles to Dolly Parton and Neil Young.  With rich, earthy harmonies their music is a unique blend of Americana, Country and Folk Rock.


Meeting as three songwriters in Liverpool in 2016, the band formed in 2018 and have been writing and playing together ever since. Naomi and Karen are from the same town in Co. Tyrone whilst Rob hails from London. Their debut single ‘Chicago’ was released in December 2019 to critical acclaim and their second single ‘Light Of My Life’ will be out on Friday 8th May.


If our previous sneak peek made me want to drive fast, this one is a slow, sunny-afternoon drive along the coast.  This is vintage-inspired Americana with the kind of classic, crisp, layered guitars once thought lost at the turn of the century.  The harmonies are ocean-deep and I hear more on each listen.  It’s mournful yet optimistic, lost but found, a wide-eyed and hopeful story of a once-in-a-lifetime kind of love all within a three-and-a-half-minute soundscape that’ll make you swoon.


With vocal stylings reminiscent of Karen Carpenter and guitars that wouldn’t be out of place on an Eagles ballad, this is truly a song for lying in the sun and drinking a cocktail, or maybe one for cherishing every moment and taking nothing for granted.


Light Of My Life releases on Friday 8th May and is available for pre-save now.  Follow Motel Sundown on Facebook, Twitter @ MotelSundown and Instagram @motelsundownband.  You can also watch them at LIVERPOOL ARTS BAR LIVE.