Northern Souvenirs Niagara Falling


Today we’re bringing you a preview of Niagara Falling, the gorgeous new single from UK duo Northern Souvenirs.  This is the second release from their upcoming debut EP Next Stop.  It is their second collaboration with London/Bangkok-based producer North T Sangkum and brings on board an incredible team of musicians, including Chris Hampson (Lead Guitar/Keys/Strings), Ed James Jordan (Drums/Percussion), and Billy Morell (Bass Guitar).


This is a different sound to the duo’s debut release (My Page). It opens with a beautifully wistful electric guitar and Alex’s rich vocal.  Alex and Lisa’s signature harmonies are prominent and the message is lovely. It says love isn’t defined by wealth but by the experiences shared and memories made.  Lisa’s voice really shines through the middle of this track, showcasing stunning power and range – something I can’t wait to see the pair explore further in the future.  This is such a sweet, summer song. It’s perhaps not as much of a toe-tapper as My Page, but even after a first listen, it feels wonderfully classic, like I’ve known it for years. It’ll have you singing along in no time.



Niagara Falling will be released on 17th July and is available for pre-save here. You can follow Northern Souvenirs on FacebookTwitter and Instagram @nsouvenirsuk.