Tupelo Lime - The Orange Rain

Today we’re sharing a review of the haunting single The Orange Rain by alt-country singer-songwriter Tupelo Lime. The Orange Rain is already available to stream on Tupelo Lime’s website but will be released on Spotify tomorrow, 7th August. Tupelo Lime is the performance and writing name for Gram Nicholas Phillips, an American alt-country singer-songwriter happily lost in Europe for decades.



The Orange Rain features very raw, stripped-down production and the gritty, haunting vocal of Tupelo Lime.  From the very start, it feels like a day that’s just too hot. I can picture this in a movie soundtrack against a trek across the desert.  The solo guitar plays a chord progression that builds and builds throughout the song until the tension becomes uncomfortable – that’s the true power of Tupelo Lime’s songwriting.  It’s the kind of song you’ll hear everywhere for days, and it’ll have you looking over your shoulder everywhere you go. This is an unpolished diamond and it gets under your skin in the best kind of way.



Usually solo, occasionally with a band, Tupelo Lime writes raw, stripped-back Americana songs. It’s country music heavily influenced by the DIY ethos of the San Francisco punk scene of the early 1980s. He describes his music as ‘an intriguing blend of country, blues, punk, psychedelia, folk and southern rock’.



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