Weekly Playlist #9: Girls’ Night

Get your glad rags on because it’s girls’ night!


Girls' Night - weekly playlist #9


Yes, this week’s winner is girls’ night!  This playlist is full of songs about getting wild, having fun and getting a little – uh – rowdy.


Which brings me nicely to my highlights.


Rowdy by RaeLynn is right at the top of that list.  I saw RaeLynn sing this one live when she opened for Maren Morris in 2019 and it’s been one of my favourites ever since.  How can you not love a song about going out and having fun sung by a self-described ghetto redneck?!


My other highlights this week include Open All Night by Jessie James Decker and Get Wild by Donna Marie Songs.  The former is an earworm of epic proportions and perfect for some pre-drinks, whilst the latter – one of our recent reviewees – is the perfect recipe for a night on the town.

I hope this is a perfect soundtrack to your Saturday night. Don’t forget to let me know YOUR highlights, and what songs you would have included! As always, you can suggest your own themes here!

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WMYC: Todd Barrow


We’re back with another #whatmadeyoucountry and this time, we spoke to Todd Barrow!  Todd is a singer-songwriter from Texas who is making quite the name for himself as a country artist to watch.  He’s already racked up plenty of accolades, including a PRSA Award of Excellence, an Akademia Award for Best Country Album, and an artist spotlight in Alternative Roots Magazine, American Pride Magazine, and AVA Radio. He has appeared on television shows including Good Morning Texas with Jerry Matheny and Texas Music Café on PBS.


 One of my all time favorite country tunes is Driving My Life Away by Eddie Rabbitt.  I heard this song on a road trip to Colorado with my grandparents in a pinto vehicle.  The vocals were amazing and the rhythm of the guitar swept me away.  My first country gig was performed at Adairs Saloon, a popular country music venue in Deep Ellum located in Dallas. Willie Nelson performed here!

 The country artist that directed me towards country music is the legendary Sonny Burgess, who was mentored by Charlie Pride and has been inducted into the Texas Music Hall Of Fame.
If I had to choose one country album to listen to for the next ten years, it would be Closer You Get by Alabama.

Five songs that inspired me to make country music – well, there are so many! But let’s go back to Johnny Cash and songs like Folsom Prison Blues. Hey Good Looking by Hank Williams. Cowboy Cool by Sonny Burgess. Sit here and drink by Merle Haggard.  And an artist I met a few years back, Charlie Daniels; his song, Long Haired Country Boy!

I grew up in a small town where I learned about real living. It’s about ordinary living but country music makes it superordinary.
Visit Todd’s website or follow him on Twitter & Instagram. You can check out his latest single, Country’s Just Cooler, here.
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An interview with Becky Lawrence

A little while ago, I sat down for an interview with Becky Lawrence to talk about musical theatre and guinea pigs (she has six – check out her socials at the bottom of this post to see/hear more about them!) and ask a few questions about country music…

Let’s start with a little introduction; describe yourself in three words.
Quirky, bubbly, kind.

Read on to find out more…
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Playlist Poll #9

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WMYC: Becky Lawrence

Time for another #wmyc and this one is with Becky Lawrence! We spoke to Becky about a lot of things, including her gorgeous guinea pigs – keep your eyes peeled for a full interview later this week! – but for now, we asked #whatmadeyoucountry to dig a little deeper into Becky’s country roots.



The first country song I ever heard was 9-5 by Dolly Parton.  As for country gigs, I used to write a music blog and I was lucky enough to get press passes for Ward Thomas and The Shires and the Thekla which was amazing!

If I could pinpoint one song or artist who influenced me, it would be Reba McEntire. Throughout my teenage years, she was the one I would listen to the most.  If I could only listen to one album for the next ten years it’d be Reba’s Greatest Hits because every one of her songs has a story that just invites you in so you can just escape. I also love how quirky and powerful her voice is!

Here are my five most influential country songs. Who doesn’t love I Walk The Line?! I Will Always Love You is a simply beautiful Dolly Parton track with so much emotion in it. It’s a classic you can’t not love!  I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve sung Redneck Woman at karaoke. It’s just a great character song that is so fun to sing!

I fell in love with Follow Your Arrow as soon as I heard it. I love the way Kacey continues to break down barriers and this song is one of those. She just says it how it is.  My final song is The House That Built Me. I can’t actually sing this song because I can’t get through it without crying! I can just relate so much to this song and moving from somewhere that had so many memories about growing up.

Becky’s new single, Empty Friendships, is available now! You can follow Becky on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
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Weekly playlist #8: Canadian Country

Good morning! It’s a GLORIOUS Saturday morning here and it’s time for weekly playlist #8 – are you ready to take a little trip to CANADA?


weekly playlist #8 - canadian country


That’s right – this week’s playlist is Canadian Country – I can’t wait to share this one with you! I discovered so many new (to me) artists whilst I was putting this one together, and they’re all absolutely fantastic – so let’s get it.


This week’s highlights are Drive Me Away by Jess Moskaluke, Whatcha Wanna Do About It by Madeline Merlo and Long Live The Night by The Reklaws.  I could list the rest of the entire playlist as an honourable mention though – I love this entire collection that much.


Listen to the full playlist on our Spotify page.


What would you have added to this? Which songs are your highlights? Don’t forget you can suggest your own themes here!  As always, the next poll will be posted on Wednesday. Keep your eyes peeled for #WMYC and more during the week!

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WMYC: Reya Jayne


To celebrate the release of her fantastic new single, How Good You Are, we asked Reya Jayne to tell us all about #whatmadeyoucountry.


The first song that I can remember (hearing) would most likely be Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well’.  The Red album opened me up to all of her amazing other albums and before I knew it I was spiralling down a rabbit hole of country music on Spotify! As for gigs, my first country gig was Lori McKenna’s writers round at Tin Pan South Songwriters Festival in Nashville last spring!
If I had to pinpoint any one song or artist who influenced you to make country music, it would be Jesus Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood. The lyrics are just so beautiful and my thirteen-year-old self was mesmerised. Carrie’s melodies are always incredible as well!
If I could only listen to one country album for the next ten years, it would be ‘The Tree’ by Lori McKenna. This album would be perfect if only Humble & Kind was on it too!
Five songs that ‘defined’ you as a country fan and artist are in this playlist. ‘Sparks Fly’ by Taylor Swift had me dancing round my bedroom to this as a teenager, solo dance parties are the best!  I saw Lori play ‘Humble & Kind’ in Nashville and was blown away. It helped me through some really rough times and is all I need to remind myself to not only be kind to others but also to myself. I actually have plans to get the lyrics as my next tattoo.  ‘You’re Still The One’ is for my mum, she absolutely loves Shania and always has!

I really relate to ‘Wide Open Spaces’. And as for ‘Last Name’ – this is the first country song I remember performing at my music school and I LOVED the sass. Carrie is truly a female BOSS. Love her and this song!



Reya’s new single, How Good You Are, is released today and is available on all major platforms for streaming and download.  You can follow Reya on Instagram @reyajaynemusic, Twitter @reyajaynemusic and Facebook at Reya Jayne Music.  Keep an eye on Reya’s socials to find out when and where she’ll be live-streaming next!

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NEW MUSIC – Joey Clarkson & Louise Parker


Today we’re previewing the new single from Joey Clarkson & Louise Parker.  Their collaboration, If You Want Me To, will be available to stream and download from 29th May 2020.


The track was recorded remotely from their respective home studios and is the first of five releases from Joey Clarkson; all of which have been produced in strict adherence to the current social distancing measures in place in the UK. Clarkson’s go-to producer Ryan Griffiths also performed on and mixed the track from his home in Bedfordshire, while Peter Hewitt-Dutton mastered the single from Los Angeles.


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Playlist Poll #8

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NEW MUSIC – Reya Jayne

Reya Jayne - how good you are


Today we’re previewing the new single from Reya Jayne. How Good You Are is the second release from Reya, following her debut smash Homeless, and this one shows a different side to the British country songstress. It introduces a more upbeat side to Reya’s immersive storytelling songwriting style, telling of a “too good to be true” romance – a modern-day fairy tale. 

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