Abigail Neilson - November Air

For Country/Pop artist Abigail Neilson, the heart and soul of music is rooted in its ability to connect with others on a deeper level. The young artist has built up a formidable reputation in the Nashville scene, working with producer Robbie Artress (Chris Stapleton, Ben Folds), and backed up in the studio by Gideon & Gabriel Klein (Miranda Lambert, Delta Rae, Lauren Jenkins), Ellen Angelico (Delta Rae, Ty Herndon, Uncle Cracker) and Grant Mickelson (Taylor Swift, George Strait, Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney). Unafraid to take a chance, Abigail’s new single, November Air, offers a new side to her storytelling whilst remaining ever true to her style.


Effortlessly blending influence from both early and modern Taylor Swift tracks, November Air is dreamy and romantic, a stark contrast to some of Neilson’s more recent post-breakup releases. Elements of early Swift appear in Neilson’s honest, observational storytelling. Even the subject matter appears somewhat influenced: wanting to keep a new love to yourself before opening up for the world to have an opinion is something Swift herself is famed for. Of the song’s story, Neilson explains: “the illicit love story makes being together seem impossible but makes being with this person even more exciting. So, in secret, you hold onto it. You swear that you’ll never fall too far into the love, but then you do anyway because you believe in each other so much that everyone else’s opinion doesn’t matter anymore.”  The opening lines through a vocoder are dripping with shades of Swift’s 1989 album, and in fact, the song itself wouldn’t feel out of place in Swift’s discography. That Neilson has taken so much inspiration from Swift whilst creating something so cohesive with her own catalog and true to her own style is a testament to her immeasurable talent.


NOVEMBER AIR is available to stream and download here right now. Follow Abigail on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & TikTok or visit her website.