Abigail Neilson - Seams

For Abigail Neilson, as for many independent artists, 2020 was a standout despite the challenges. Having released four singles – each of which has, to date, amassed over 140,000 streams on Spotify – Neilson is back to kickstart her 2021 campaign with Seams.


Seams is a departure from the recent, independence-celebration anthems we’ve heard from Abigail Neilson. This is an honest, vulnerable, self-penned ballad built with the imagery of broken hearts and wanting to be sewn back together. It’s a gorgeous song for Neilson’s unique voice, filled with so much emotion it’ll leave you feeling broken. The song depicts the aftermath of heartbreak and exemplifies the pain and confusion of being left behind by someone you love – someone who you thought loved you. Instrumentally, the song is simple, with a piano and string section to tug on those heartstrings. Lyrically, it’s a different story – this song is a deep ache, stirring and raw with everything exposed.


SEAMS is available for pre-save here ahead of global release on 26th February, along with an accompanying music video. Follow Abigail on Facebook, InstagramTikTok and Twitter, or subscribe to her YouTube channel.