Adele & Andy - As Much As I Miss You

Staffordshire husband-and-wife duo Adele & Andy have an uncanny ability to reach into their audience’s souls with their ardent and emotional storytelling. Andy’s subtle, masterful guitar playing provides the perfect foundation, whilst Adele’s crystalline, versatile vocals soar, tackling every style with ease. Fresh off the back of their debut EP release earlier in the year, the duo will release As Much As I Miss You on April 30th.


The song is tender and heartfelt with a rich and enchanting sound. The barest hint of reverb allow Adele’s silky tones to soar above the guitar-driven instrumentation. It’s a tone that pierces the soul, and on a song as sincere and profound as this one, the effect is astonishing. Known for their deeply personal storytelling, Adele and Andy have created something gut-wrenchingly relatable here. Stylistically, it harkens back to Reba and Bobbie Gentry. The song itself explores the life of a young boy. Having lost his father at a young age, he grows up bound and determined to follow in his dad’s footsteps and serve his country. He breaks the news to his mother, then visits his father’s grave, before leaving with the promise of coming home soon. The boy soon discovers that war is not the glorified romantic tale from the movies, but a bloody battle. He fights for survival as his mother reflects on the days spent waiting for her husband to return. The song ends on a high: the boy has won his fight. Unable to watch his mother’s heart break once more, he returns home.


AS MUCH AS I MISS YOU is available to pre-save now ahead of release on 30th April. Follow Adele & Andy on FacebookTwitter and  Instagram.