Adele & Andy - Earl

Expert storytellers Adele & Andy follow up their military tribute As Much As I Miss You with an exploration of justice with Earl, released on 25th June 2021. The Staffordshire-based husband-and-wife duo combine Adele’s versatile crystalline vocal performances with Andy’s masterful guitar playing to pay homage to both classic and contemporary country music legends and solidify themselves as ones to watch.


Earl is one of the duo’s more traditional country offerings. Opening with a marching percussion beat and a little banjo, it immediately evokes memories of 1990s classics. Doubling down on their signature storytelling, Adele & Andy weave an intricate tale through this song, starting in the USA’s deep south during the 19th Century. Earl – the song’s protagonist – works the cotton fields and is manipulated by the owner’s daughter. She flirts with Earl before accusing him of rape to cover her own shame after unexpectedly falling pregnant. Earl is convicted, and his execution is later exonerated following the girl’s admission that he wasn’t ‘guilty at all’.


EARL is available for pre-save here ahead of release on 25th June. Follow Adele & Andy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or tune into their regular Twitch streams.