Adele & Andy - Took His Love Away


Staffordshire-based duo Adele & Andy release Took His Love Away on 30th October 2020. The single is inspired by a friend and the loss of his wife. With the song, the duo hope to offer comfort and hope to those struggling with loss.


Took His Love Away opens with Adele’s angelic voice and a rich, mournful guitar.  Adele’s voice is truly something special, and she doesn’t hold back here. Singing live, she can stop you in your tracks with her crystal clear tone. That translates well to this recording, as she harmonises with herself throughout.  Andy’s musicianship is subtly beautiful, full of mournful flourishes and sweet stabs.



Adele & Andy are an award-winning modern country duo based in Staffordshire, UK.  Between Adele’s rich, effortless vocals and Andy’s masterful guitar playing, they have received universal appeal for their real life-inspired lyrics and fresh storytelling.  Their latest single ‘Say It Out Loud’ peaked at #27 in the UK Country iTunes Chart and has had radio support in over 50 countries. 



TOOK HIS LOVE AWAY is available for pre-order here. Follow Adele & Andy on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.