Adele & Andy - Where I Belong EP

Staffordshire duo Adele & Andy are set to build on the foundations of a fantastic 2020 with the release of their new EP, Where I Belong.  The husband-and-wife pair, based in the UK’s midlands, effortlessly combine crystalline vocal tones with subtle, masterful guitar work and astonishingly honest lyrics. Their storytelling has received universal appeal as their reputation has grown with each release.


This EP is a well-crafted four-track collection, combining to explore the concept of happiness, and its origins in finding new spaces to either retain or alter our identities.


We’ve already reviewed the lead single, Misty Eyes. There’s not much more left to say about this one other than to note that it charted in the top 5 in the UK iTunes country charts on the day of release.


Echoes of the Forest is a hero-conquers-all story. It has some lovely musical flourishes which add interest, whilst the story details the hero – having been snatched from his idyllic life – competing in unfamiliar territory before triumphing and returning to his tranquil home, then realising he can no longer live as he did before. The song is upbeat and guitar-driven, but between Adele’s angelic vocals and the metaphoric story, there’s a unique ethereal vibe reminiscent of a modern-day fairytale.


Where I Belong is somewhere between country and blues, with wailing guitars and the sultry, smoky side of Adele’s vocals in fine form. Where the first two songs are full of metaphor, this song takes a turn and the story is much more literal: this is about experiencing the different things life has to offer in order to find and accept your true self. It’s low and slow, a smoky bar kind of song, and it definitely works for the duo.


No More Goodbyes applies the brakes and returns to a more traditional sound, with plenty of steel guitar and tender melodies. It’s an oft-sung about story, too; the challenge of change, the risks we take and what happens when are dreams are no longer dreams but reality, right in front of us. It’s a perfect closure for the EP.


WHERE I BELONG  is available for pre-save here ahead of release on the 26th February. Follow Adele & Andy on Facebook, Twitter and  Instagram.