Becky Lawrence - Maple State


Following the success of her first solo-written single You Say, which rocketed to number one on the day of release, Becky Lawrence is set to release Maple State on Canadian Thanksgiving. The track pays tribute to Becky’s time spent in Calgary (Mohkínstsis), Canada, and is her love letter to the lakes and mountains. Canada is the only place in the world, other than the Isle of Man, where I feel at home,” Lawrence says about the song. We’ve chosen to release on Canadian Thanksgiving, because this song is filled with thanks for the experiences I enjoyed, and memories I made when in Canada.”


This is Becky’s second collaboration with songwriter Hugh Webber, who has worked with Platinum songwriters during his time with the Songwriting Academy in London. 


If you thought I was biased when I reviewed You Say, think again. Now that Becky is officially a Three Chords-managed artist, and this is our first release as a partnership, the bias is undeniable.  Regardless, this is her best single yet.  After a handful of softer, ballad-esque releases, it’s about time we heard something a little more upbeat from the Lawrence camp – and this is exactly what we’ve been after. Maple State is bright, nostalgic and fun.  The guitars are perfectly placed to build and highlight Becky’s masterful vocals, and the banjo adds a little extra fun. It’s perfectly sing-along-able, and just about everything you could want from a road trip song!


MAPLE STATE is released on 12th October 2020. Pre-save it here (don’t forget to screenshot your save and send it to Becky to enter into the giveaway!). Follow Becky on TwitterInstagram and Facebook,