Boxes - Over

If you’ve been here since the beginning, you’ll be familiar with Boxes. If not, let me introduce you. Boxes is a four-piece country/alt-rock band based in my hometown of Manchester. Described as ‘Nashville-upon-Irwell’, they blend classic country sounds with the rich pedigree of music from England’s vibrant North West. Last year, we interviewed David and Josh, and this week, after a short hiatus, they releaseย Over.


Over is unexpectedly classic, with shades of Crystal Gale and Glen Campbell in David’s enthralling vocals. There’s something captivating and almost haunting about this vocal performance. The song itself explores the finality of a relationship and reflects on the journey that brought the singer to this place of being ‘over’. The first half of the song sets the scene whilst the second half toys with the idea of pinning blame, before accepting heartbreak without regret. The chorus is particularly hard-hitting: several questions are posed regarding the true nature of the relationship and the veracity of feelings. Like most heartbreak ballads, this is intimately and uncomfortably relatable.



OVER is available to pre-save here ahead of release on 7th May. Follow Boxes on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, or visit their website.