Briana Dinsdale - Why Did I Fall For You

Brisbane’s Briana Dinsdale may only be seventeen, but her mature songwriting and youthful-yet-experienced vocals offer a fresh energy from this young Australian songstress. Following her successful debut Ball and Chain earlier this year, Why Did I Fall For You? is available to stream and download today, and the emotionally-charged ballad gives a stunning taste of what’s to come from this young artist. As the title suggests, the song – co-written by Dinsdale and her father, Ken – is an emotional plea looking back on a relationship that has since ended. The soundscape belies the downtrodden story: driven by bright acoustic guitars, it delivers an uplifting, springlike sound and a palpable dichotomy between the lyrics and music. Dinsdale’s vocalisations in the bridge offer a glimpse at her tremendous vocal range explored further in her debut album, Beginnings.


WHY DID I FALL FOR YOU? is available to stream and download now. Find it here on Spotify or watch the music video. Follow Briana on Facebook & Instagram or visit her website.