Brodie Dawson - Paycheck

Named ‘Vocalist of the Year’ at the Vancouver Island Music Awards and nominated for ‘Best Live Act’ for 2 years consecutively, Brodie Dawson might call herself a folk singer-songwriter – but we’d say she’s a new favourite. Certainly a force to be reckoned with, Dawson has created a sound all of her own: a cocktail of soulful, bluesy folk with a little gospel funk, a twist of pop, and a twang of old-school country.


Paycheck opens immediately with Dawson’s vocals front and centre. Being a new listener to Dawson’s music, the thing that strikes me immediately is the richness in her voice. It’s riveting and powerful – reminiscent of 90s country powerhouses. It’s familiar, but I can’t quite put a finger on why! The single is the third release from Dawson’s upcoming album – originally scheduled for a 2020 release and now slated for Spring 2022. There’s a darker edge to Paycheck – in amongst the twanging guitars, insistent drums, and driving beat, there’s a touch of rock and a distinct twist of blues.


“One summer a few years back, I took a contract job as a festival coordinator and was paid a nice little chunk of change. I did what any normally ‘poor’ bloke would do: immediately went out on a shopping spree and promptly spent it all!” Dawson explains of the song’s origins. After the initial buzz wore off, I started counting the days until my next payday, and I could hear my Mom’s voice telling me I needed to start saving for my future. This song just came to me and I started scribbling it all down across the pages of that calendar.”


The single is so enjoyable. It’s fun to listen to with great instrumentation and smart lyrics, and the inclusion of Dawson’s mother is inspired – such a joy to play on repeat!


PAYCHECK is available to stream and download on 25th February. Follow Brodie on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube or visit her website.