Caitlin Mae - Perspective (EP)

Rising Welsh country star Caitlin Mae takes us on an emotionally charged journey through stages of sadness, defiance, strength and acceptance in her debut EP, Perspective, released on July 2nd. Where most young artists take their inspiration from friends or boyfriends, Mae cites a fractured relationship with her older sister as the driving force behind her deeply personal storytelling. The growth in her artistry from her debut single to now is astonishing – particularly when you remember she’s not yet twenty years old.


The lead single from the EP is Country Eyes, which we reviewed earlier this year. The song sets the scene at the start of our journey, exploring personal experiences of rejection and malice – though despite its pain and sorrow, the uplifting pop-tinged tune offers a promise of hope and new beginnings.


Gasoline is both furious and empowering. The first song Mae ever wrote, the song is a personal catharsis and an emotional release of demons. It’s followed by Take My Demons – a personal favourite – which is hard and edgy, the story of a warrior with steely resolve. The percussion is subtle and akin to a heartbeat, underpinning the strength and determination that flows throughout. It’s emotionally mature and alarmingly self-assured as Mae sings ‘pack your bags, you’re leaving, and with you take my demons.’ 

The four-song collection closes with Slam The Door – a letter to a person who ‘never loved (me) regardless of how much I loved them.’ A somber, mid-tempo sound underpins this song with a combination of electric and acoustic guitars, and cleverly-produced vocals bring this unique song to life. This song is a final farewell to the journey that haunted Caitlin Mae’s childhood.


With one more cry of ‘losing you meant finding me,’ Mae can finally embrace her new perspective on life.


PERSPECTIVE is available to pre-save here ahead of release on 2nd July 2021. Follow Caitlin on FacebookTwitter & Instagram.