Caitlin Mae - Those Three Words

Still riding high on the success of two Christmas singles – both of which debuted on the iTunes country charts in the top 5 – Caitlin Mae starts her 2021 journey with something completely different. Self-penned Those Three Words is a song about perfect imperfections.


Those Three Words delivers a rollercoaster of emotions through the eyes of a young woman experiencing the highs and lows of a relationship. For Caitlin, writing the song was effortless but in it, she sings of the work required to compromise and sacrifice in a relationship. It’s a remarkably mature outlook on love for an artist so young, and whilst musically reminiscent of a young Taylor Swift, the lyrics are wise far beyond Caitlin’s (and indeed young Swift’s) years. It’s upbeat in the style of Christmas Kiss with a little less edge and a little more banjo – and all the makings of a country anthem.


Caitlin Mae spent much of 2020 learning guitar and penning lyrics to over a dozen new songs, which are planned for release over the coming months.


THOSE THREE WORDS is available for pre-save now ahead of worldwide release on 12th February 2021. Follow Caitlin on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.