Caitlin Mae - Tunnel Vision

2021 has been a whirlwind for Caitlin Mae. After sharing the stage with superstar names during the summer, she took home the coveted ‘Song of the Year’ award at this year’s ARC Radio Listener Awards last month. Now, as the year winds down, Caitlin is gearing up to launch her sophomore EP with the release of Tunnel Vision, the lead single from the forthcoming five-track collection. With each new release, I’m struck by the growth and artistry on display from Caitlin Mae. I can’t help but compare this new single to last year’s Christmas release – one of her very first. Back then, we heard a girl singing about being kissed. Since then, we’ve heard her Perspective EP – where she showcased a young artist who isn’t afraid to get deep and tell her darker stories. Now, in Tunnel Vision, we hear a young woman who knows her voice – and her heart.


Immediately, the single offers a fresh new sound and a different vibe to Caitlin’s previous releases.  Written from a place of vulnerability, Tunnel Vision tells the story of getting used to being let down by someone you can’t help but forgive every time. My heart’s a rebel, it won’t listen, the song acknowledges – a sentiment more relatable than most. “The words depict the emotional journey of relying on a ghost of a person who was never really there for me,” Caitlin explains. “Coming to terms with love and loss and navigating such stormy seas when you are young can be really heavy but this song (and the EP as a whole) is how I felt at the time and continue to feel to this day.” Juxtaposing jaunty piano with layered vocals and unique melodies, the single opens the door and ushers in a new era for this young award-winner – one in which she continues to find strength in acceptance and champions the importance of being your own biggest cheerleader.


TUNNEL VISION is available to pre-save and pre-order here ahead of worldwide release on 12th November. Follow Caitlin on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.