Cat Lines - Back To The Basics

Ringing in the summer with this joyous hit, singer/songwriter and accomplished fiddle player Cat Lines says her latest single, Back to the Basics, is her best yet. Previously featured on Southern Fellow and a Starbucks Official playlist, Lines is set to make waves with this tune about the struggles of being a creative person in an overcomplicated world.


Back To The Basics opens with an infectious percussion beat followed by some oohs and aahs. Immediately, it’s the kind of song you can sing along to. Lines’ vocal performance is anchored by a bright acoustic guitar and masterful, subtle fiddle throughout. Joyous and upbeat, this is a fresh twist on the summer anthem. It’s high-energy and vibrant whilst maintaining a very quiet but powerful energy with its reminder to take a breath, rewind, and when in doubt, think simple.


“This was one of those songs that felt like it wrote itself,” Lines explains, “I came up with the main lick while I was at work one day, and my co-workers probably thought I was crazy because I could not stop dancing around to it.” The song is peppered with clever couplets and smart analogies – Lines’ favourite is “my mind’s a labyrinth desperately in need of street signs.” It also features a fiddle solo after the second chorus – something Lines is especially proud of and has been waiting for the right song to create.


BACK TO THE BASICS is available to pre-save here and will be available to stream and download from 25th June 2o21. Follow Cat on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.