Celine Ellis - Without Me

Celine Ellis is perhaps one of my favourite discoveries of the year. As kind and gracious as her voice is beautiful, Celine’s captivating, soulful performances have listeners hooked from the start. Effortlessly blending country and Americana influences with her own melodies and stories lifted from her own life, she has sung her way into the heart of the UK’s independent artist community. 12th November sees the release of her new single, Without Me.


Despite the honesty and vulnerability in this song, Celine has once again managed to turn straightforward heartbreak into something gentle and soothing. Melancholic acoustic guitars balance perfectly with piano, strings and a pinch of organ to create a stripped-back, easy melody. As the song reflects upon a past breakup, the bittersweet melody is the perfect analogy for the recognition that it happened for the right reasons. This song is a balm to soothe the mind – I can see this one being on repeat for a long, long time.


Your heart thinks quicker than your mind – when I read (that quote on Facebook) I was immediately taken back to that breakup,” Celine explains. “I allowed myself to revisit how I felt and what I wanted to say in the moment but couldn’t.”


This single, like her last, was recorded once again with Matt and Tom Bishop at Inspire Studio. Long-time friend Gordon Milton played keys on the track.


WITHOUT ME is available to stream and download everywhere from 12th November. Follow Celine on Facebook and Instagram or visit her website.