Charlotte Young - Four Hours Four Years

It’s been a little while since we’ve had new music from Charlotte Young, but following her performance at last month’s Country on the Coast festival, the West Midlands native dropped her new single this morning – and it’s glorious.


One thing of note about this single – from a production standpoint – is that it was produced at NAM Studios by Tyler Spicer. This is significant because Spicer is a bassist – and it shows. The bass is prominent in this mix without being overwhelming, and it’s interesting without detracting from the lead instruments. It’s an under-utilised instrument in modern country music, so it’s exciting to see Spicer and Young treat it with the respect and reverence it deserves.


Okay, on with the review.


4 Hours 4 Years marks the start of a new era for Young, but despite the time passed since her last release, the core remains true. The song is angsty but catchy – ‘a bop’, I told Charlotte in a message during my first listen. Sonically, it’s empowering and anthemic – made for a singalong, and perfect for a roadtrip. Contextually, it’s vulnerable and raw, a tale of pain and heartbreak with a little fire and sass.  Charlotte Young is all grown up and no longer playing games: with lyrics like ‘your new laid bed isn’t really that clean,’ Young has been honing her craft and taking notes from Miss Swift. I can’t help but think of I Bet You Think About Me when I hear this song. A new era may be incoming, but this is still the same Charlotte Young of On The Loose fame, and I can’t help but wonder if this is how the heartbreaker came to be.


Young reportedly has big plans for this year and this is just the start. But with an opener like this, I can only imagine that we’re in for a spectacular ride.


FOUR HOURS,FOUR YEARS is available to stream and download now. Follow Charlotte on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.