Craig Gould - Ain't No Place To Hide

Although a known name in the independent music scene, singer-songwriter-storyteller Craig Gould has yet to officially release a single. Until now, that is. September 15th 2021 will see the release of Gould’s debut single Ain’t No Place To Hide – a spellbinding protest anthem guaranteed to have you singing along! The single is taken from the debut album of the same name, which will be released in Spring 2022 as part of Gould’s groundbreaking musical project which aims to inspire considered and compassionate understanding around mental health illness in the UK.


Ain’t No Place To Hide is a thought-provoking and inspirational anthem. Falling distinctly on the folk side of the fence, it challenges society and our willingness to blindly accept what we’re told. Empowering and encouraging us to ‘educate our minds, as there ain’t no place to hide’, the song benefits from rich, lush production by Miles Myerscough-Harris (Under The Apple Tree Studios), masterful piano playing from Anna Corcoran (AMAUK Instrumentalist of the year 2020) and beautifully blended backing vocals from Chris Baldwin and Adriana Spina. Between Gould’s timeless songwriting and the stunning musicianship, Myerscough-Harris’ production delivers the full package. A toe-tapping treat, perfectly composed for a call-and-response singalong, Gould’s much-anticipated debut is worth the wait.



AIN’T NO PLACE TO HIDE will be available to stream and download from 15th September 2021. All profits from the release will be donated to CALM – Campaign Against Living Miserably. Follow Craig on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit his website.