Demi Michelle - Across The Pond

Demi Michelle is an artist and singer-songwriter from Pennsylvania, USA whose creativity and love for both pop and country music drive her passion for stories that turn life experiences into songs. Taking songwriting influence from the likes of Julia Michaels, Kelsea Ballerini, and Taylor Swift, Demi strives to keep authenticity and honesty at the core of her lyrics. Her new single, Across The Pond, is a thank you letter to the UK for all their love and support.


If I sat down with a pen and paper, the lyrics of this song are what I’d write before slipping the letter into an envelope and sending it across the Atlantic,” she explains. The young songwriter has always spoken openly about her struggles with self-confidence. “I never dreamed that the UK would welcome me with open arms and wrap me in so much love.” The UK has offered Demi a lot of firsts: her first reviews, radio play, live streams, and even charting success! Unable to spend time in the UK and thank the music community in person, Demi turned to what she knows best: writing songs.


Across The Pond is a lovely ode to a small country with a big heart. Demi has a bright, youthful voice which is a little lost in the single’s production. Although her performance is heartfelt and earnest, the song’s production lets it down: sonically, something is lacking and it sounds a little more demo than polished product. Nonetheless, it’s a sweet serenade and will doubtless be well-received by Demi’s many fans – on both sides of the pond.


ACROSS THE POND is available to pre-save here ahead of its worldwide release on 25th February. Follow Demi on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.