Dustin Chapman & Ryleigh Madison - Family Thing

Family is a common theme in country music. There are songs about it, and even duos and bands built from families. Dustin Chapman and Ryleigh Madison offer a fresh twist on the trope: this uncle-and-niece pair are taking the country music world by storm. Performing up and down the East Coast, as well as securing a golden ticket to American Idol’s Hollywood round, the duo are watching their stars rise.


“From Idol to Whiteville, they’ve been by our side always,” Chapman shared on Facebook. “We’re so excited to be able to release “Family Thing” this Friday to honor our family for everything they’ve done.”


Dustin’s deep, soulful voice always sounds great – but it’s the addition of Ryleigh Madison’s vocals that really lift this song to new heights. Powerful and mature beyond her sixteen years, Ryleigh not only offers harmonies but delivers her own verse, stepping out of her uncle’s shadow and shining on her own. The song itself is a touching tribute to family – celebrating the generations of love that have led them to the present day. It’s full of gently strummed guitars and that coveted, classic twang to deliver a message so many of us never knew how to put into words.


FAMILY THING is available to stream and download on 18th March 2022. Follow Dustin on Facebook and Instagram or visit his website. Follow Ryleigh on Facebook & Instagram.