Eleri Angharad - A Merry Eleri Christmas

Inspired by a North American road trip where she performed in Nashville, Chicago, and New York, Eleri Angharad writes and performs music that captures the traditional country music storytelling and combines it effortlessly with catchy pop melodies. Her latest EP ‘Nightclub Floor’ – including singles ‘Delete It’, ‘New Sin’ and ‘Blank Walls’ – has amassed over 500,000 combined streams. It has achieved international and commercial radio play with the title track A-Listed on BBC Radio Wales. On 19th November she released her first Christmas single, Homemade Christmas, which serves as the lead single for the forthcoming festive EP, A Very Eleri Christmas.


This festive collection opens with the new single Homemade Christmas. Telling the story of a couple’s first holiday season together, the single is beautiful and peaceful whilst being undeniably festive, featuring jingle bells and clever production to introduce warmth and choral harmonies. Everything about it screams Christmas, and it leaves you feeling full of cheer.


The EP alternates between original songs and classic covers. Song two is a country-style cover of Justin Bieber’s Mistletoe. There are harmonies for days, and Angharad has lowered the tempo and replaced the reggae-inspired guitar stings with a gently strummed sound.


Continuing the alternation, track 3 is another original song, this time extolling the virtues of being single for Christmas. Santa’s Little Helper is sultry and bluesy, a piano-driven bop for the season. The EP closes with a classic: Angharad’s signature seductive vocals putting a very Eleri spin on Santa Baby.


Eleri Angharad is a proudly independent artist. She continues to plan releases and shows over the next 12 months with her Christmas EP and launch show scheduled for December, and more music to follow in 2022.


A MERRY ELERI CHRISTMAS will be available on all major platforms on 3rd December 2021. Follow Eleri on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or visit her website.