ELY - Therapy

With some familiar faces among its lineup, five-piece outfit ELY bursts onto the Americana scene with Therapy on 10th September. The sophomore single explores the concept of mental health and coincidentally, will be released on Suicide Prevention Day.

Therapy is a rip-roaring first impression of the band’s upcoming EP, as it immediately spills open with powerful guitar, bass, and drums. The four-to-the-floor beat drives the second half of each verse forward and juxtaposes the soaring vocals, which tell a story with intentional and relatable lyrics. The riffs are dripping with Americana-rock and will have you playing air guitar wherever you are. Rich and perfectly balanced harmonies build along with the song. The chorus features the vocals of X-Factor finalist James Michael alongside band leader Jenny Colquitt, both adding layers of depth to match the lyrical gravitas.


Therapy was penned by critically-acclaimed solo artist and songwriter Jenny Colquitt. It sits nicely in the pocket where rock, blues and Americana meet, delivering face-melting guitar solos and real-life storytelling at the same time. The band, who take inspiration from the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Dire Straits, Led Zeppelin and Joni Mitchell, amongst others, has a lot to offer and between Therapy and their folk-fusion debut, are well on their way to taking the world by storm.


“Therapy tells the fictional story of a man with mental health problems,” explains lead vocalist Colquitt. “The protagonist in the story has hallucinations that affect his day-to-day life and relationships. Everyone around him sees a person who is seriously ill, but he refuses to take meds or go to therapy because – from his perspective – he struggles to understand why the world’s eyes aren’t open to truths he is privy to.”


“Coincidentally, we chose to release on Suicide Prevention Day and – while it wasn’t intentional – we still want to highlight the occasion, particularly as the world has shared the difficult experience of living in a global pandemic the last eighteen months.”


THERAPY is released on 10th September and is available to pre-save here. Follow ELY on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.