Emilia Quinn ft Finola - Games

Emilia Quinn continues to champion her friends with another collaboration: this time, featuring Finola on the feisty anthem Games. Harmonising on the memorable soundbite ‘don’t play games with a girl who plays better,’ Quinn doubles down on her International Women’s Day release Girl Talk by continuing to fly the flag for female empowerment.


Games – Quinn’s first co-written song, penned with featured artist Finola – is smart and sassy, full of tongue-in-cheek soundbites and relatable put-downs. Drawing inspiration from real life, multi-instrumentalist Quinn and her wide-ranging influences combine to tell personal stories in a way that is both relatable and humorous. The lyrics were inspired by shared experiences of being played. ‘I’m sure we can all describe a time where people come into our lives for the fun but can’t handle the bad.’  Quinn explains. ‘It is these people who usually come crawling back after they’ve seen you flourish and thrive.’ Produced by fellow Yorkshire artist Tommy Taylor, and full of lush guitars, rich harmonies and smart lyrics, Games is about closing chapters and moving forward to enjoy life without negative energy.


GAMES is available to pre-save here ahead of release on 23rd July 2021. Follow Emilia on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or visit her website.