Emilia Quinn - T.O.T.M

Surprise! Emilia Quinn – queen of Girl Talk and firecracker herself – has just dropped a surprise single. Released today, T.O.T.M is a tongue-in-cheek follow up to her #3 single Girl Talk.


Unapologetic, comedic and relatable, Emilia Quinn debuted this track during her Girl Talk award show to fantastic reviews from her friends and fellow artists. An anthem for periods, the tongue-in-cheek lyrics describe the thoughts and feelings of menstruating people around the world and puts a comical spin on the natural event. The song is a surprise follow-up to Girl Talk and offers a little insight into one of the subjects of girl talk itself.


T.O.T.M features Quinn’s signature sass and rhythmic acoustic guitar in a style reminiscent of Johnny Cash. It’s simply produced – just the guitar, vocal and audience reactions – but it doesn’t need more than that. Quinn recorded the single live and acoustic, performed remotely via a clean-feed internet-based recording service with her friends as the audience. The recording captures their first reactions to the lyrics – and as you can hear, the response was a positive one.


T.O.T.M is available now. Follow Emilia on FacebookInstagram and Twitter or visit her website.