Emilia Quinn - M.I.L.A / This World

Earlier this month, UK powerhouse Emilia Quinn announced the double-release of This World and M.I.L.A.  The singles – an A- and B-side release – were due to drop on 4th December, only four weeks after Quinn’s announcement, and she pledged to show her fans the entire process. She hadn’t even begun to record yet.
The reasoning behind throwing myself in the deep end is that music is all about the story. And the story of these songs is extremely relevant to our current situations, in fact, one of them was actually written about the state of the world today. As an artist, I feel like I am in a very privileged position to be able to build a platform and share these stories and messages with the world, especially in such a global industry like the one we have now.
Quinn is sharing two singles: M.I.L.A and This World. The artwork – a bold, eyecatching choice – features a scan of an unborn child to reflect innocence amid darkness, a theme she carries into both of these emotional, relatable stories.
M.I.L.A (Missing Intensely from my Loving Arms) is an absolute jaw-dropper. On first listen, I was absolutely floored.  We all know by now that Quinn is a powerhouse with a knack for storytelling, but this song is a masterpiece. Produced simply with just a piano and Quinn’s warm, rich vocal, the song tugs at the heartstrings. The raw emotion in her voice is breathtaking. It’s the kind of song you imagine will stun a crowd into silence.  It shows a whole new side to Quinn as a vocalist and a songwriter, and it’s nothing short of magnificent.
Conversely, This World is uplifting. It’s rootsy and traditional with lots of acoustic guitar and rich, vibrant harmonies. Written about the state of the world, the song was inspired by two of Quinn’s bandmates – both due to have babies who would spend the first several months of their lives never knowing a world without a pandemic.
“It got me thinking about how we don’t just change the world for ourselves, but our babies and babies’ babies and so on,” Quinn explains.  The song is an earnest plea to make time for each other and to spread kindness. “It’s easy to get caught up in your own show but reaching out to someone else could make their day or save them from some really dark places.”
Quinn’s desire and determination to spread kindness and good karma led her to invite fans along for the ride on the release journey. She has produced a series of insightful vlogs along the way, which you can watch on her Facebook page.
M.I.L.A and THIS WORLD are available to stream and download from 4th December. Pre-save the singles here. Follow Emilia on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.