Emma Moore - The Table [EP]

Emma Moore brings all the fire you’d expect from a redhead, but don’t get too comfortable at one of her shows. Previously known for her honest and relatable lyrics, Moore makes a case for herself here as a bold and assertive storyteller who knows exactly what she wants. She also knows what she doesn’t want. A story of low-key self-love, The Table eschews societal expectations and sees Emma living life on her own terms:


“I’ve been working on this project for over a year, listening to the songs in various stages and yet I’m still learning more about it, and finding more connections. The title comes from ‘Late to the Table’, which over time began to feel like a metaphor for life as a whole. Whatever path we choose in life, someone will think it’s wrong or inferior, someone will have beaten us to milestones, someone will have an opinion on every misstep, achievement and everything in-between, and someone will inevitably be questioning when we will complete a certain step or ask why we missed one out. So “the table” became life.”


Moore created a unique and unforgettable fanclub-only launch in The Blinded Experience, which saw the EP released in full exclusively for her biggest fans. Husbands Or Kids served as the lead single from this much-anticipated collection. Months later, it still feels fresh and feisty with Moore’s confident and self-assured delivery bringing her trademark honesty into a new musical era.


Late To The Table – the song from which the EP gets its name – is the only co-write in the collection. Co-written with fellow UK artist Emily Faye, the song explores the mainstream ideals of what it is to be a woman. The contradiction between the fierce lyrics and calm melody gives this song its hard-hitting punch. Described as ‘the musical equivalent of float like a butterfly, sting like a bee‘, Moore’s honesty and self-assuredness stand out here as she takes inspiration from some of country music’s most profound storytellers.


Waiting For You is bittersweet and much-anticipated; a full-band recording of a previous live acoustic single. It’s rich and heartfelt, full of complicated feelings, lush harmonies, and exquisite drawn-out notes. The tension is palpable throughout this song with subtle yet significant guitar work and mournful keys.


After two heartfelt songs, Blinded amps up the energy with a persistent beat and driving bass. It explores different sides to the same story: you’re blinded by a love that you’ve created / you fell in love with someone he’ll never be. This song is a bold reminder that there’s always another perspective.


When is a country music classic: a cheating song. Sung from the oft-forgotten perspective of the ‘other woman’, this heartbreaking ballad sees the mistress challenge her lover to define ‘cheating’. As life imitates art, this song proves the previous one right: there’s always a new perspective. 

Match Made in Hell is a high-energy rock song to close the EP. This song is self-love in disguise: wanting to be seen for who you are but not wasting time on those who won’t see you. 


What ties these songs together is not just the masterful musicianship and powerful storytelling. It’s the thoughtful production from the mixing and mastering engineers who have put together a sonically cohesive and perfectly paced collection. I won’t say too much, because I sat down with Emma for a chat about the EP – so stay tuned for that conversation on the blog next week – but suffice to say, this might be one of my favourite EPs of all time.


THE TABLE is available to pre-save now ahead of release on 7th May. Follow FacebookInstagram and Twitter or visit her website.