Gary Quinn - Complicated

Another month, another release for Northern Irish artist Gary Quinn as he prepares to release Complicated on 26th February. Much like his January release, this single will be immediately available to fans who pre-save as a live acoustic video. The single is the second in a trio of releases to be delivered in early 2021.



Complicated is a heartwarming ballad telling an age-old tale of ‘are we friends or are we more’.  It explores the lines crossed and the tendency to over-complicate matters of the heart, and its brilliance is in part down to the simplicity of its lyrics. The guitar flourishes are lovely and the tone is perfect for the shy hopefulness of the journey. The song is let down by the drums, which are akin to a hip-hop drum machine and for me, add absolutely nothing. There’s no attack on the bass drum and no resonance on the snare, which sounds more like a closed hi-hat. It’s still infinitely more listenable than St Anger, and despite the drum production not being to my taste, I’m a fan of this song and there’s an awful lot about it that I really do love. I think it’s a really nicely written song and Quinn’s vocals and emotional connection really shine throughout.


Richard Alex took the production reins once again on Complicated, having previously delivered Tip Of My Tongue in 2019 and Quinn’s most recent release, Nobody Somebody.


COMPLICATED is available to pre-save ahead of release on 26th February. Fans who pre-save will gain access to a live acoustic video of the track. Follow Gary on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Spotify, subscribe to his YouTube channel or visit his website.