Gary Quinn - Nobody Somebody



In his first offering of 2021, Gary Quinn releases Nobody Somebody on 8th January. The song was co-written with Kyle Schlienger (‘In Case You Didn’t Know’ – Brett Young) and John Gurney (NSAI Song Contest Winner, 2018) and produced in Sweden with producer Richard Alex, with whom Quinn worked on Tip Of My Tongue earlier in 2020.



Nobody Somebody has a contemporary sound with polished, cross-genre production. The electric guitar and piano play off one another nicely, whilst the echo of harmonies add an airy feel to the track. Emotionally, the song is positive and evocative; an uplifting ode to a loved one – you made this nobody somebody credits the song’s unnamed recipient with shaping the life of the narrator. It’s a story we’ve all heard before, but never in quite so few words – it’s the honesty and simplicity of Quinn’s lyrics that make this such a heartwarming opener to what is already certain to be a great year of music.



NOBODY SOMEBODY is available from 8th January. It is the opening release of a three-single project that will be delivered through the first few months of 2021. Pre-order to receive a video link to the ‘Live Acoustic’ version of the single. Follow Gary on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Spotify, subscribe to his YouTube channel or visit his website.