Georgia Nevada - Sin On A Shoestring

Few stars have risen as quickly as Georgia Nevada’s. Since releasing her debut single less than twelve months ago, Nevada has become one of the best-known names in the UK country scene, and a mainstay on the live stream circuit. With weekly ‘moonshine Monday’ streams to nurture her strong connection to her fanbase, Nevada is no longer just ‘one to watch’ but a ‘must-see’. This week marks the release of her third single, Sin On A Shoestring, and the single itself marks something of a turning point for Nevada’s music.



The juxtaposition of Nevada’s sweet tone against the heavier, edgier music makes for a sense of discomfort. It goes hand-in-hand with Nevada’s assertation of ‘harsh realities’ explored in the song’s lyrics, as well as offering a previously-unseen glimpse of Nevada as an artist. The single is heavily inspired by Nevada’s favoured roots and country-rock influences and delivers a much darker sound in comparison to her previous releases. The wailing guitars are not just insistent but relentless. The whole song leaves you blindsided – a rush of feisty, fiery passion and emotionally raw, hard-hitting lyrics, and then it’s over. It’s truly a turning point for Nevada as an artist as she begins to step out of her own shadow.


SIN ON A SHOESTRING is available on 6th August and can be pre-saved here ahead of release. Follow Georgia on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or visit her website.