Georgia Nevada - The Devil Dealt Me You

British country singer-songwriter Georgia Nevada is set to release her second single, The Devil Dealt Me You, on 26th February 2021. The song was co-written with Kyle Elliott and is packed with metaphors about gambling to both narrate Nevada’s personal love story and to pay homage to the potentially huge pay-out when taking a gamble on love.


The Devil Dealt Me You opens with a rush of guitar and Georgia Nevada’s rich, soulful vocal. Sonically speaking, it retains the lush, contemporary production that boosted her debut single to #1. It delivers a fresh country-pop sound with a hint of tradition. The theme of gambling runs throughout the lyrics – raising stakes, luck, going ‘all in’, playing hands – all reference the personal risks taken by Nevada. The lyrics were inspired by the love story that led her to pack up her life and move across the country – a risk that fortunately, for Georgia, worked out well. The song explores the concept that sometimes it is the risks in life that yield the best reward, says Nevada.


The single was mixed and mastered by Drew Middleton, who also features as the band. The producer and musician, based in Nashville, is a multi-instrumentalist and award-winning singer/songwriter at BMI. He holds a BA degree in Music and has been producing music for more than 10 years.



THE DEVIL DEALT ME YOU is available to pre-save and pre-order ahead of worldwide release on 26th February 2021. Follow Georgia on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter or visit her website.