Halle Kearns - Nothing Left

With heavy momentum behind her, Halle Kearns will ring in a new era of her career with the lead single from her sophomore EP. Nothing Left is the first single from Kearns’ second EP, Every Girl, due in December 2021. It follows the tremendous success of the debut EP, Finally, and its three singles, which lifted Kearns’ star to spectacular heights and saw her receive ‘artist of the week’ spotlights on both UK and US radio. Her debut release received critical acclaim with Spotify editorial playlist features, videos played on CMT, and Kearns herself making multiple Song Suffragette appearances. More recently, she opened for RaeLynn during the Nashville superstar’s Ole Red residency.


Nothing Left reflects on a girl giving everything to those around her and leaving herself drained. It is airy and ethereal whilst remaining grounded in a deeply personal experience.


“This song was written in a vulnerable moment, addressing my personal struggle with feeling less than enough if I’m not constantly giving and living up to others’ expectations.” – Halle Kearns on ‘Nothing Left’.


The song takes its listener on a journey, with Kearns’ smoky-sweet vocals bringing a sense of movement to the track. The synchronicity between the kick drum and piano underpins the exceptional musicality, including a far-too-short guitar solo at the bridge. Like many modern country songs, the instrumental break was over too soon, with not enough time to breathe. It elevated the song to such a climax, I couldn’t help but wish for more of it.  The single is a departure from Kearns’ previous happy-go-lucky, fun-loving pop-infused singles, and takes an unexpected – but certainly not unwelcome – trip down a path paved with heartfelt stories. If Finally was an introduction to Halle Kearns, Every Girl will be where we get to learn who Kearns really is. It’s going to be something really special, and if this is a teaser of what’s to come, then I’m excited.


NOTHING LEFT is available to pre-save here ahead of release on 30th July. Follow Halle on InstagramFacebook and Twitter or visit her website.