Halle Kearns - Shoes To Fill

Following two wildly successful releases, Missouri-born Nashvillian Halle Kearns is set to slow things down with a delicate, heartfelt ballad.  Shoes To Fill, released on 23rd October 2020, is the much-anticipated third single from Kearns, and she describes it as her favourite so far.


Shoes to Fill shows us yet another facet of Kearns’ artistry. The track is a heartfelt and moving tribute to Kearns’ beloved father and something of a warning to any potential suiters – the bar has been set high. Following two upbeat, contemporary-country releases, this is a nice change of pace. It’s a piano-led, traditional-leaning ballad with Kearns’ vocal prowess in fine form, easily and sweetly singing of her adoration for her father. Kearns notes “it’s an incredibly special song to me, and my favourite I’ve written so far because it’s so authentic and true to my story. My dad is my best friend, and I’m beyond excited to have my listeners hear about what a stand-up guy he is.”



Halle Kearns recently featured in Missouri local newspaper ‘The Columbia Daily Tribune’, following the success of her first two singles.  She will appear in a DC Brown writers round (Facebook) on 25th October and in an interview with Kellie on bringcountry2uk (Instagram) on 7th November.

SHOES TO FILL is released on 23rd October on all major platforms. Pre-save it here. Follow Halle on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.