Harriet Rose - Small Town Chains

Today we’re sharing a review of the debut release from UK country artist Harriet Rose. It’s hard to believe this is Harriet’s first release; she’s been on almost every virtual festival lineup this year and her name is on everyone’s lips when it comes to homegrown talent.  But this is her very first official offering, and she blazes through it with the confidence of a thousand seasoned veterans.  Small Town Chains will be released on all platforms on 21st August.


About the song, Harriet says “I wrote (it) during lockdown when I really had no choice other than to stay in my home town. The town is old fashioned with outdated views which are often amplified in the news. (…) This song is me choosing to be different, making something of myself and getting out before it’s too late.”



Small Town Chains opens with a pulsing guitar line, before introducing Harriet’s powerful vocals and air-drumming-worthy percussion.  It’s a fresh soundscape with enough traditional country elements to appease the purists whilst incorporating some newer trends. Above all, it retains the dynamic vocal and catchy beats Harriet’s fans have already come to know and love. The entire production is strong and confident.  This is Harriet Rose putting the finishing touches on the name she has already carved for herself and blazing her own unique trail.  She’s truly in a lane of her own and speeding towards success.



Harriet Rose has been gigging since the age of 12 and prides herself on a unique country sound with powerhouse vocals and catchy guitar hooks. She describes her own music as “Sass, flares and a little bit of heartache.” In 2019, Harriet performed over 130 gigs and self-planned a 30-date tour.  She has already made a name for herself in the UK country scene, supporting established artists and receiving award nominations. This debut release is set to be followed by an EP.


With lockdown measures slowly being lifted, Harriet is able to start gigging again.  You can see her at The Spaced Out Sessions in Scunthorpe on 15th August and at Unsigned Unleashed in Manchester on 23rd August.


​Harriet Rose recorded Small Town Chains at Flatwave Music with producer Pete Thompson. Danny Smart and Tom Jane also feature as musicians. It will be released on 21st August and is available for pre-save now. You can follow Harriet on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, or visit her website.