Helena Mace - Never Ending Days

Helena Mace is a picture of strength and inspiration. Her new single, Never Ending Days, comes just months after brain surgery, and follows her last single – Shifting Sands – which achieved #2 in the UK iTunes country chart, #1 on Australian radio airplay charts and a spot on the Amazon best-seller list.


Never Ending Days is the second single from Mace’s as-yet-untitled fifth studio album. Summery and upbeat, the song delivers a sense of peace and contentment – the happiness of a stable relationship after experiencing troubles in the past. Whilst I’m not crazy about the production on this track (we’ll talk about that later), from a musical standpoint, it’s one of the best this year. It has so many interesting elements in a genre full of simple instrumentation. It has a sound very reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac with plenty of folk-rock and Americana influences. I love the composition of this song. One area where it truly excels is in the building and layering. There are some very clearly defined moments where the song builds, adding more and more layers of instrumentation and vocals. Where many country songs dive straight back in after these breaks, Never Ending Days has plenty of space for each layer to build and breathe.


When it comes to production, the song sounds slightly unfinished. Some of the vocal layers could use a little more blending, and some of the guitar stabs are a little staccato with a tone that just doesn’t quite fit the rest of the track. But the performance by both Helena and her musicians is tremendous, and this one is sure to be a crowd-pleaser on stage.


NEVER ENDING DAYS is available to stream and download now. Follow Helena on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter or visit her website.