ack Galloway - Blame It On The Rain


Rising country-pop singer Jack Galloway is set to release his second single Blame it on the Rain on 13th November.  Taking influence from Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams alongside country legends Tim McGraw, Keith Urban and Lady A, Galloway’s musical style is stadium-big and heartfelt.



Blame It On The Rain opens with an 80s pop-rock inspired melody and Galloway’s unique, powerful vocal. The Bryan Adams and Tim McGraw influences are evident in the chorus with a belting vocal delivery and heart-on-your-sleeve lyrics.  Galloway’s lyrics are astonishingly honest and a much-needed reminder that it’s okay to not be okay.


“The thing about getting your heart broken is that a lot of the time, you’re keeping the pain locked away, whether it’s out of pride, denial, or just wanting to appear to the people around you like you’re not as gutted as you are inside, it’s a thing we often do – pretending like we’re okay when we’re not.”


The song was inspired by that very thing, with Jack saying “I think the imagery of blaming your tears on the rain was the closest thing to capturing how I felt.”



Jack’s first single Key to Your Heart has, to date, racked up close to 10,000 streams and has seen Jack perform at a number of UK festivals, including performances as part of country duo Jack + Ella.



BLAME IT ON THE RAIN is available on all streaming services from 13th November 2020. Follow Jack on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.